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Alrehman Communications

Offers a comprehensive set of call center operation solution and services.
Host of inbound and outbound calls for United States and United Kingdom, Canada and Austrilia.

In-depth Customer Service

24/7/365 customer service support
Side view of confident call center operator talking with client

Overflow Coverage

After hours, weekends & holiday overflow coverages

Real-Time Answering Service

Live call operator answering service for instant response.

Why choose Alrehman?

Our Core Features


Quality Control

Run time quality control, feedback, check and balance.

Long Term Commitment

Rapid & rationale response through intelligent call routing

Response & Coordination

Constant coordination and correspondence with immediate response time

Successful Deployment

Providing the best incumbent to increase customer satisfaction & reduce attrition

Why Choose Al-Rehman Communication?

Seamless Bond of Better Customer Satisfaction

Instant & Quality Customer Service

Constant coordination and correspondence with immediate response time & improved services- 24x7.

Reduced Communication Cost

Transaction monitoring reduction of operational costs decreases answering and talk time.

Services Efficiency

Intelligent call outing and decreased integraion of back-end systems.

Quality Check Module

Readily available resources and quicker turn-around time.

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