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AL-Rehman Communication is a customer acquisition platform FOUNDED IN 2014 with an exclusive focus on the residential solar market.

Al-Rehman offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions for Call Centre Operations which includes both training and offering a host of inbound and outbound calls for US and UK campaigns with high quality considerations. We have extensive experience of executing telesales, tele-customer support, tele-marketing and offshore recovery services projects coupled with call centre trainings for various clients in public and private sector of US, UK and Pakistan..

Every day, our clients entrust their customers and business to our bilingual (English/Pakistan) employees, who engage in telephone and call center operations, telecommunications, sales, customer service and marketing efforts to help.





The outbound tele-sales process is initiated with a briefing on the nature of the tele-sales campaign, aims and objectives and success factors.

Target Listing

Once this is clear Al-Rehman Communication and client collaborate to develop and appropriate target list or the client supplies the target list.

Pitch Development

Based on the type for example B2B and/or B2C of the prospect and the objectives of the sales campaign world-class tele-sales pitch or script is developed in collaboration with the client keeping in mind the regulations.

Campaign Function

A team of tele-sales professionals and quality assurance people is brought together are completely trained for the campaign.




Over 100+ Work Stations at present with a capacity to increase up to 300.


Highly skilled & experienced personnel, well conversant with English language.

Multiple Shifts

Round the clockwork in 3 shifts on 24/7 basis.

Technical Support

In-house technical support to keep operations streamlined.



At Al-Rehman Communication we strive to provide the best incumbent for a successful deployment, increase customer satisfaction and reduce attrition. HR hiring process is briefly outlined on the followings:

Businesses intent on growth simply cannot cost effectively develop the same in-house level of sophistication in technology and human resources. By outsourcing customer service and sales to Al-Rehman Communication, businesses preserves capital resources, reduce cycle time and improve corporate performance. Call Centre Training.

Al-Rehman Communication imparts world class training ranging from basic to advanced IT trainings, technical trainings and call centre trainings (telesales and customer services) to clients in public and private sector in different areas of the world. Our training programs are known for their high energy, intense practice and focus on participant success.

Participants state that our training program is most effective, providing a motivating and practical training experience for Call Centre training ranging from Customer Service Training, Telesales Training, US and British Accent Training. To work together to deliver world class training to our clients we believe in providing quality Training to each individual.

We understand the learning curve associated with each Agent, hence we go the extra mile in completing initial training in a professional/satisfactory manner from an internal and client standpoint. Experienced and qualified trainers.

Al-Rehman Communication has the experience of executing tele-sales, tele-customer support and telemarketing projects for different international clients. Al-Rehman Communication follows the Hybrid model through which we will qualify opportunities, close deals that can be done over the phone, and then pass larger relationship based sales opportunities out to the field sales force of the client. We aim to bring together three important aspects to managing the tele sales needs:

Recruitment and Selection

Al-Rehman Communications employees are selected after rigorous rounds of written tests, group discussions, mock calls and personal interviews. The qualities prevalent in each Al-Rehman Communication employee are:


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