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More Than Just a Predictive Dialer

Easy Reports

Real-time reporting. See which campaign is more effective, how many leads you have reached, which leads you need to call back & more.


Simple Call Backs

Our predictive dialer provides you with a customized schedule so that you can setup follow-up calls. The predictive dialer will remind you so you don’t forget to take timely follow-ups.



Haven't received the voice mail? No problem, just click on the Play Message button & the dialer will automatically leave the message, you can move onto your next set of calls.


Custom Fields

Don’t just upload the name and number, now you can upload everything and customize all fields. That way your agents have all the data they need to make the sales efficiently.

Alrehman Communication
Alrehman Communication

Start converting leads in customers today

A call center management system which is easy to use. Enhances your cross-channel contact strategies and accurately predict agent availability, optimally pacing dialing, and filtering out unproductive calls.

  • Same day setup
  • Mobile phone compatible setup
  • Dialing up to 5 lines simultaneously
  • Filters out answering machines
  • Uploads pre recorded messages
  • No hardware requirements
  • Reach more customers